The purpose of this lab was to calculate the speed of gravity by using data gathered when calculating the period of a swining pendulum at different differences away from the center of mass.


Meter Stick
Photogate Instruiment
C Clamp
Modeling Clay
Wood Blocks


Mount the c clamp to the table with the pin overhanging the edge of the table. Place the meter stick on the pin so that it can swing freely. Set the photogate instrument so that the meter stick swings through its center. Use the data the the photogate instrument collects in order to calculate gravity ant different distances from the center of mass.


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Data Analysis

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We calculated 15% error in our measurement of gravity. This could be due to the fact that the meter stick and the pin are not frictionless, or it could be due to the fact that in some cases the ruler was wobbly as it went through its swings from knocking into the C Clamp.